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Artemis Real Estate Group

Artemis Immobilien AG


Participation 100%


The Artemis Immobilien AG, based in Aarburg, Switzerland, is engaged in project development and realization, initial and new leasing of residential and commercial properties, property management, the purchase or sale of real estate, and construction management and maintenance. 

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Artemis Immobilien Deutschland GmbH


Participation 100%


Artemis Immobilien Deutschland GmbH, based in Bad Saeckingen, Germany, has acquired a plot of land in Freiburg i.Br., Germany, and is in the process of developing this property with the aim of building and leasing of around 350 apartments and commercial space.

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Espace Real Estate Holding AG


Participation > 34%


The Espace Real Estate Holding AG is a real estate investment company based in Solothurn, Switzerland, whose shares are among the most heavily traded over-the-counter. The company invests in real estate in the cantons of Bern, Solothurn, Aargau, Lucerne and Schaffhausen. 

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Impact Immobilien AG


Participation > 16%


The Impact Immobilien AG, based in Bern, pursues a social benefit in Switzerland with its real estate investments. In close cooperation with social institutions, the company realizes living, working and living spaces at affordable conditions. This includes new construction projects as well as the expansion, renovation or purchase of real estate intended for social use. 

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Evostate AG



Participation 30%


Evostate AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is a real estate project developer that develops, builds and sells condominiums.

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